Thursday, March 27, 2014

GET Jeepin

Just came back from my first Jeeping (off roading) experience. It was awesome! There were 20 jeeps on this 4 hour excursion at Ocotillo Wells. I met some cool people and all kinds of Jeep. This was one of the guy's badass jeep I had to paint (digital).

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testing out manga studio 5

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tool Time

I haven't bought supplies in a while, and forgot how expensive art supplies can get when you buy them all at once (paints. brushes, containers, paper, etc.). I am building a "location painting" tools. I wanted something lighter than my tools for studio painting, and compact as possible for easy carrying. I wasn't looking for an "on the go" quick sketch supplies. that was too small for my need. Here are two things I wanted to share.

1. Ammo Box from Harbor Freight.
It's light, compact, and reasonably priced. I think it's $5.99, and you can usually find a 20-25% off 1 item coupon to get it cheaper. I could've gone smaller, like just those W&N travel set kit, that gives you everything you need to paint. but again, I wanted something so that i can paint a little larger, and use my existing brushes.

this box was the perfect size! 

2. Bamboo brush holder mod.
This is not new for me. It's actually my second one now. I love these brush holders. It rolls up nice and compact, and gives a great protection for the brushes. I wanted a travel one so I'm not carrying all my brushes, nor am I scattering the ones I leave at home while I'm using it for travel.
But here's what I'm really proud of. I CUT IT! It's shortened to fit the ammo box.I cut about 3 inches at the top. I always forget that you can modify anything you buy. They don't have to be used as is. After cutting with regular scissors, i sanded the edges so it's nice and smooth. you can't even tell that it's shortened.

Now I need a nice compact palette. The one I bought is too big for my ammo box. 

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