Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Union Square

Imagine sitting in Union Square with your friend and being thoroughly entertained by the eclectic people around you.
One saturday, that's what me and my friend did. We sat at the steps and watched and listened to these random "performers". There was a guy preaching what he thought what the bible was about, which was not popular with the crowd. People were blatantly telling him to get off. some were swearing at him, some just laughed, and this woman walked right in front him and yelled at him how his "preaching" is driving her art sales away. Then, this shaman, who looks like Jesus, stood behind him and posed like the holy one (they were not affiliated), and people were cheering, saying Jesus has returned!
What a day, and only in New York!



Man, the composition and everything are dead-on here, and that light- so trapped!

Arthur Fong said...

DUDE! No joke but the last time I went to go eat at whole foods and was taking the 6 subway home... I saw those exact same guys! You really captured them nicely man! AMAZING!!